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Hours: 9AM - 5PM (Mon - Fri)

Payment methods: Cash, Check.

Your mold is our business.

We take care of it so you don't have to at very competitive rates.

Whether it lurks in the attic, crawlspace, living area, or what have you we'll be sure to reign it back under control. We will go where most other companies won't touch- if we can physically fit and function, then we will get it done.

With the current price of lumber, mold remediation offers a more cost effective solution when compared to remodeling.

Mold infested subflooring, ID 001. Remediated subflooring, ID 001.

Other related Services:

We offer other services such as: Fogging/Sanitization, Crawlspace Encapsulation, Sump Pump Replacement, Property Dryouts (Water Mitigation), and more. More information on the services page.

Free estimates

We do free estimates, and lock in bids for your project's needs. This means no surprises for you. Both the price and tasks that we will finish are agreed upon before we work, giving you full knowledge on what is going to be done.

Approximate Service Area

Northwest Ohio, ~35 miles from Lima, OH

Bellefontaine, Celina, Findlay, Kenton, Lima, Ottawa, Sidney, Van Wert, Wapakoneta

This range is approximate. If you're out of range then let us know and we might be able to travel to accomodate you.

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Water Damage and Mold

Water damage to your property can include major events such as floods or broken plumbing. Water intrusion may also result from overinsulation and temperature changes causing condensation or the lay of the land causing ground water to pool up beneath your structure. Whatever the reason, once the cause for the water damage has been determined and fixed, a quick dry out and mold removal or mold remediation is the next step in protecting your home or small business from futher damage and costly repairs.

Water damaged area with leaky pipe.